Restorative Yoga

What is Restorative Yoga?

“A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. Most restorative practices are based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar.” Yoga Journal

Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. … Restorative yoga provides healing for the body and the mind. It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga:

  • Slows down the pace of life
  • Soothing for the nervous system
  • Encourages mindfulness
  • Fosters transcendence
  • Cultivates heightened body awareness
  • Deepens self awareness and introspection
  • Creates deliberateness of action
  • Strengthens acceptance and detachment
  • Helps you feel safe and nurtured – self compassion, self care and self love
  • Connects you to the divine and and establishes you in pure being

*Chopra Centre