Individual One on One Yoga

Are you considering a one-on-one yoga session rather than joining a class?  There are many reasons why people choose private lessons (either in their own homes or in a studio setting).

Some reasons could include:

  • Being totally new to yoga and need help to get started with alignment and familiarity with positions and/or not feeling confident in a group setting and requiring a few sessions before joining a yoga class
  • Wanting to deepen your current practice
  • Time restrictions in making it to a scheduled class (specially if you have a busy work schedule or managing family responsibilities)
  • Lack of transport and/or mobility
  • Feeling the need to have individual attention to progress further
  • Recovering from a injury or illness

Private yoga sessions can be held within your own home or in a studio setting depending on availability.    Each private lesson will be tailored to suit your needs and physical abilities.

Prices will vary subject to the length of the session and location.