Energy & Life

Do you find that you lack energy? Struggle getting out of bed in the morning? Most things seem a struggle? You’ve tried varying your diet? Turn to coffee or sugary drinks for that energy fix only to feel drained afterwards?


Did you know there is an infinite source of energy available to every one.

This Six Weeks Life & Energy Series will be delivered early in 2018.

To register your interest contact me HERE. 

Over 6 weeks let me show you how you can regain your life, take back control and have an abundance of energy to do what you love?


In the six part series you discover:

  • the importance of setting up a morning ritual/routine and what to include in it
  • pranayama techniques and breathwork
  • simple and quick exercises (kriyas) to get your prana flowing
  • journalling and visualisations
  • meditation practices and techniques
  • discovering your purpose, mission and values

The only pre-requisite is to come with an open mind to the various practices that will be taught.