About Me


Hi. I’m Cherie!

I’m a Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Deep Peace (Meditation) Facilitator.

My name is Cherie and I am passionate about sharing and educating the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated over the years in helping people understand the importance of self care, life balance and nutrition. I am big advocate of ‘by implementing small changes in our everyday lives, big things can and do happen!’

Having worked over 17 years in the corporate world, and approaching mid 30s something felt not quite right with how things were working out and how I was living my life.   With high working demands and repetitive day to day activities it appeared that purpose was lacking in my life and that my health was suffering because of it.   Having two young children I knew change was imminent so I spontaneously resigned one day and made my departure from the corporate world.

I began my own freelance Desk Top Design/Publishing business which allowed self expression through creative design and freedom to work from home. While there has always been a burning passion of mine to learn about nutrition and life, it wasn’t until this time that I started taking it more serious delving into various courses, both on nutrition and wholistic wellness.

Having both parents affected by cancer, I found that during their illness I was turning to books, seminars, study and research, searching for meaning and a deeper understanding of how the mind, emotions, stress, lifestyle and nutrition all play a part in the expression of disease. Having been through my own eating disorder, auto immune, leaking gut, depression and chronic fatigue issues stemming from a life time of perfectionism, competitive running and striving for unattainable goals, I realised at some point the toll it was taking on my my mind, body and soul. Overwhelming responsibilities and excessive physical loading for competitive running meant my body was at breaking point. During this time of darkness I took to further study and completed 12 months training with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014 becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  I am passionate about teaching the basic principles in eating well and living passionately. Further studies included under My Training.

I currently teach yoga at the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga in North Adelaide and Universal Balance at Redwood Park.

I also teach FREE community yoga on the decking of the beautiful The Gully Public and House and Garden on Sunday mornings and volunteer a few hours a week in my role as a Support Worker at the Cancer Care Centre as well as facilitating Juicing  for Health Workshop for the Centre.